Key aspects in endodontics

Course for dentists, therapists, and endodontists
Oleg Kulygin - course in Baku
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Oleg Kulygin Course, Training, Seminar on Endodontics
Endodontics course in Baku (Azerbaijan)
This course will help you to widen your professional horizons in endodontics! You will master advanced methods of root canal treatment and be able to address complex clinical situations using modern instruments and materials.
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About the course

How the course will be conducted and what you will learn
This "Key Aspects in Endodontics" course offers a unique opportunity for you to explore the most important aspects of this discipline. We will focus on modern approaches and treatment methods, as well as learn to identify success and failure in clinical cases. By carefully studying potential treatment outcomes, you will be able to make informed decisions and develop optimal treatment plans.

One of the key topics of our course will be the use of cone-beam computed tomography in endodontics. This diagnostic standard lies at the heart of modern practice. During our lectures, I will demonstrate real-time work with tomography for the upper and lower jaws.

We will also discuss the essential set of equipment and instruments required for successful endodontic procedures. I will provide you with a "checklist" that will help you perform treatments with a high level of efficiency.

A significant part of the course will focus on the protocols of shaping, irrigation, and obturation during treatment and revision. You will learn various approaches to canal preparation using a variety of Ni-Ti instrument systems and become acquainted with microbiological approaches to irrigation.

Finally, the concluding part of the course will cover practical aspects of retreatment, where we will examine and learn how to overcome common issues such as missed anatomy, revision of "resorcinol-formalin" teeth, bypassing ledges, broken instruments, and mechanical root perforations. You will learn to manage these situations and assess prognoses for the future tooth health.

I believe that this course will be an interesting and valuable experience for you, expanding your expertise and elevating the level of your endodontic practice. I am delighted to share my knowledge and experience with you and confident that our collaboration will yield fruitful results. Welcome to the "Key Aspects in Endodontics" course!

Oleg Kulygin

Lecturer. Course author
Oleg Kulygin - сourse for Dentists, Therapists, and Endodontists in Baku
Graduated with honors from Vinnytsia State Medical University, defended a candidate's dissertation at Lviv State Medical University. Worked as the head endodontist at Interdisciplinary dental center in Kyiv. Author and co-author of several courses in the field of endodontics. An international member of the American Association of Endodontists since 2012. Organized reference dental practice in Kyiv. Actively conducts webinars and courses both in Ukraine and abroad. Specializes in high-level endodontics. His knowledge and experience in endodontics are recognized and popular among professionals.


Oleg Kulygin: course for doctors and clinic managers in Azerbaijan (Baku)
Current Possibilities of Endodontics. Understanding "Success" and "Failure."
  • Explore modern possibilities of endodontics and identify key factors leading to success or failure in treatment.
  • Examine 4 possible outcomes, of which 3 lead to clinical success.
Assessment of Prognosis and Decision-Making in Treatment.
  • Learn to determine factors influencing the decision to proceed with treatment, retreatment, or tooth extraction.
  • Enhance your skills in prognostic evaluation.
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics.
  • Study the diagnostic standard using CBCT.
  • Demonstrate real-time work with tomography for the upper and lower jaws.
Basic Set of Equipment and Instruments for Endodontic Procedures.
  • Create a "checklist" for successfully conducting endodontic treatments and achieving high-quality results in 80% of cases.
Protocols of Shaping, Irrigation, and Obturation during Treatment and Revision.
  • Analyze different protocols for mechanical and medicated canal treatment using Ni-Ti systems.
  • Discuss microbiological approaches to irrigation.
Practical Aspects of Retreatment: Missed Anatomy, Revision of "Resorcinol-Formalin" Teeth, Bypassing Ledges, Broken Instruments, Mechanical Root Perforations.
  • Conclude the lecture by reviewing common errors in endodontics.
  • Identify methods to resolve them and determine tooth prognosis for future treatment.


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  • 2 coffee breaks and lunch. Access to the presentation and handout material.
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Oleg Kulygin - сourse for Dentists, Therapists, and Endodontists in Baku
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