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Key aspects in endodontics

Course for dentists, therapists, and endodontists
Oleg Kulygin - course in Baku
Date to be confirmed
Oleg Kulygin Course, Training, Seminar on Endodontics
Endodontics course in Baku (Azerbaijan)
This course will help you to widen your professional horizons in endodontics! You will master advanced methods of root canal treatment and be able to address complex clinical situations using modern instruments and materials.

Successful patient consultation in a dental clinic: methodology and practice

Course for doctors and clinic managers
Vitaly Povolotsky - course in Baku
Date to be confirmed
Povolotsky Vitaly - course, training, seminar
So, this course will help you properly establish a protocol for conducting an initial consultation, create interest and trust in the doctor from the patient's side, establish the right attitude of the patient towards the doctor and the treatment process, and also minimize the likelihood of conflict situations.

Correct website for a dental clinic: patient attraction methodology

Course for doctors, clinic managers, and marketers
Andrey Maslo and Fakhri Mashadibekov - course in Baku
Date to be confirmed
Dental clinic website - course in Baku
Fakhri Mashadibekov - Expert in attracting new clients through the internet
Andrey Maslo - Specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising
In this course, we will discuss what a dental clinic website should be like, learn how to create content using neural networks, and discover the secrets of designing website pages to achieve top positions in Google search.

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Поволоцкий Виталий - курс, тренинг, семинар - в Баку
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