Website development for a clinic, doctor | laboratory or dental technician

Development | creating a website for a clinic: dentistry, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, laboratories
Dental clinic, dentist, laboratory, dental technician website - Baku, Azerbaijan
Medical website creation, support, and advertising - Baku, Azerbaijan
Website development for a clinic, doctor | laboratory or dental technician
We develop user-friendly websites that significantly increase appointment bookings, improve the visibility of the website in search engines, and encourage patient loyalty to the clinic.

Examples of websites

Websites developed by our team
Website for a dental laboratory
Website for a dental clinic
Website for an aesthetic medicine clinic
We specialize in developing websites for dental clinics that are user-friendly and significantly increase the number of appointment bookings. When information is easily accessible, it leads to more phone calls and inquiries from new patients. Depending on your goals and budget, we will offer you optimal options, starting from a simple website for a single doctor to a comprehensive multi-page website for a dental clinic.
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We specialize in developing websites for doctors, dental clinics, aesthetic medicine clinics that are as convenient as possible for patients and significantly increase the number of appointments when the information is easily perceived, and the result is an increase in calls and applications from new patients. Depending on your goals and budget, we will offer you the best options, ranging from a simple website for a doctor to a full-fledged multi-page website for a clinic or laboratory.

How we work

Creating a website for a dental clinic in Azerbaijan (Baku)
We conduct a consultation
  • We learn about the goals you want to achieve and your expectations.
  • We get an understanding of the scope of work and timelines.
  • We discuss the collaboration process.
We sign a contract
  • We enter into a contract where we describe in detail all stages of work and their cost to ensure transparency and clarity of the process. Usually, payment for website development services is made in equal installments (monthly).
Setting up reporting
  • In our work, we actively use the TRELLO CRM system, which allows you to see all the tasks we have completed and the current status of the project in real time. You can access the information both on your computer and through the mobile application. TRELLO enables you to review completed tasks and current plans, view created pages, and leave comments if necessary. This ensures convenience and efficiency in interacting with our team.
We start planning
  • Our work begins with careful planning of the structure of the future website. If the clinic already has an existing website, we plan the new website in a way that preserves all the existing information, as well as the weight and visibility of pages in search engines.
We create the website
  • We start creating the pages of the new website, including: navigation system, home page, service structure, description and structuring of clinic directions, doctor pages, price list, informational pages for patients, setting up communication between patients and the clinic, SEO optimization of pages for search engines, integration with social media, search, etc.


Website development cost
The average duration of website development work is 30-60 days.
from 1440

Website maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance of the website after development
Website maintenance
After completing the website, you can extend the contract and take advantage of our website maintenance services:

  • Website Updates
  • Registration and Promotion in Search Engines
  • Price Adjustments, Banners, Creation of Advertising Slides, and Promotions for the Website
  • Creation of Service Presentation Pages
  • SEO Enhancement and Updating of Existing Pages
  • Ongoing Behavior Analysis and Website Improvement
  • Creating Posts for Social Media
  • Participation in Our SMM and Marketing Training

Find out the cost
* The final website maintenance cost may vary depending on the scope of work ordered.
from 350

Calculate the cost of the website

* The final cost may vary from the estimated cost, and the final price can only be determined after consultation with you and determining the scope of work.
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