Unconventional advertising for a dental clinic in Baku

Drawing contest: a tool for attracting primary patients
Attracting patients to a dental clinic in Baku
We have developed an effective methodology for attracting and reactivating patients, based on hosting a "Children's Creativity Contest." You can successfully attract up to 300 new clients per month and reactivate up to 20% of your existing patient base.
The essence of the technique
Patient acquisition is an art, and we embody it through the "Children's creativity contest."
We not only create an information-rich website but actively participate in organizing the contest, showcasing children's drawings and crafts. We also develop a strategy for effectively disseminating links to contest participants and continually maintain visitors' interest in the dental clinic's services. We gather and refer appointment requests to the clinic from friends and acquaintances of contest participants, launching a comprehensive system for reactivating the database and attracting new (primary) patients through referrals.
Advertising for a dental clinic in Baku
We can measure most of the results we achieve in our work. However, how do you measure in monetary terms the positive image of the clinic, patient loyalty, and its recognition? These parameters are not always directly quantifiable, but they are equally important indicators of success.

What the clinic will gain

Indicators of success
Website traffic
From 2,000 to 7,000 visitors who come to the clinic's website through recommendations from family and friends.
Website traffic
Primary patients
From 100 to 400 primary patients, including those motivated for comprehensive treatment and prosthetics.
Primary patients
↑ 20%
Reactivation of the base
From 10% to 20% of your patients who haven't visited in a while will return to the clinic.
Reactivation of the base
Positive image
Our contest is an excellent tool for building a positive image of the clinic and its doctors, significantly increasing the number of patients who come through recommendations.

How we work

Work process and scope
Children's creativity contest in Baku
Children's creativity contest in Baku

Create contest website

We create a colorful and user-friendly contest website on a subdomain of your clinic's site. We create individual contestant pages with voting and promotional surveys on each page.
Advertising for a dental clinic in baku
Advertising for a dental clinic in baku

Prepare advertising materials

We create layouts to inform clinic patients about the contest: brochures, flyers, images for social media and publications, advertising surveys.
Training for dental clinic staff in Baku
Training for dental clinic staff in Baku

Instruct staff

Before the contest begins, we conduct training for clinic administrators and other staff, teaching them how to engage with patients to encourage their children or grandchildren to participate in the contest, share clinic information with friends, and invite acquaintances to the clinic.
Contest website support
Contest website support

Support the contest

During the contest period, we support administrators, post new drawings, and advertising surveys on the contest website, and forward appointment requests.

Examples of contests

Children's creativity contests hosted by our team
DiAdent dental clinic contest
WL clinic children's creativity contest
ELIXIR dentistry center contest

Work stages

The period for conducting the children's creativity contest with maximum results is 4 - 5 months.
1st Month
  • Website creation
  • Clinic team training
  • Preparation of advertising surveys
  • Development of brochures and certificates
  • Creation of communication scripts
2nd - 3rd - 4th Month
  • Notification of clinic patients about the Contest
  • Posting contestant works on the website
  • Notification and training of contestant parents
  • Processing appointment requests from advertising surveys
  • Reactivation of the clinic's patient base
5th - 6th Month
  • Website support after announcing results
  • Decision-making regarding the next contest
Prizes and gifts
The dental clinic prepares prizes for contest winners (at its discretion), as well as small gifts for contest participants (e.g., pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste). You can expand your audience by involving contest partners (e.g., children's cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, children's clubs, children's clothing stores) who join the contest by offering prizes in their own categories.

Who to contact and ask questions?

Fakhri Mashadibekov

Fakhri Mashadibekov - Expert in attracting new clients through the internet
An expert in attracting new clients through the internet. Fakhri is involved in website development and promotion, as well as training doctors and clinic managers in effective methods of selling medical services in the online space. He develops well-founded strategies for selling high-value services.

Andriy Maslo

Andrey Maslo - Specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising
A specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising. He has over 20 years of professional experience in website development, marketing, and advertising. Since 2013, he has been specializing in creating and promoting websites for dental clinics.


* The cost of conducting the contest is specified for 3-4 months of collaboration and depends on the number of contest participants.

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