Creating a doctor's website: personal branding + patient flow

Website development for doctors - establishing a doctor's personal brand in dentistry, cosmetology, and aesthetic medicine

Stomatoloji, kosmetologiya və estetik tibb sahəsində həkimlər üçün saytın hazırlanması - həkimin şəxsi brendini yaratmaq və pasientlərinin axını
Creating a doctor's website: personal branding + patient flow
We specialize in developing modern websites for dentists, cosmetologists, and experts in aesthetic medicine.

Courses, seminars, trainings for dentists and clinic managers

Dental courses in Baku
Andrey Maslo - organizer of events for dentists and medical center managers - Baku, Azerbaijan.
For over 10 years, our team has been organizing and supporting events in which more than 12,000 doctors participate annually.
We specialize in dentistry.


We conduct courses and seminars for doctors and clinic managers.
We are organizers of congresses, conferences, and awards.
Practical sessions
We organize practical sessions at clinics and online trainings.
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Lecturers whom we invite to conduct a course in Azerbaijan

We are planning a closed online meeting

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Drawing contest: a tool for attracting primary patients

Unconventional advertising for a dental clinic in Baku

Attracting patients to a dental clinic in Baku
We have developed an effective methodology for attracting and reactivating patients, based on hosting a "Children's Creativity Contest." You can successfully attract up to 300 new clients per month and reactivate up to 20% of your existing patient base.

Need help organizing a course?

Courses and seminars for dentists, professional development for doctors in Baku | orthopedics, implantology, surgery, orthodontics, therapy, periodontics, anesthesia and sedation, medical marketing, patient consultation

Pre-course Planning in Baku

  • Searching for a suitable venue for the course.
  • Checking the availability of necessary equipment.
  • Selecting hotels for participants' accommodation.

Creation of the Course Page

  • Designing the course program on the website.
  • Introducing the lecturer.
  • Collecting and processing applications for participation.

Preparation for the Course

  • Printing educational materials, certificates, etc.
  • Arranging simultaneous interpretation, if needed.
  • Organizing a sponsor exhibition for the course.

Course Implementation

  • Welcoming course participants.
  • Providing course support.
  • Organizing catering and meals.

Cultural Program

  • Excursions for course participants.
  • Organizing cultural events.
  • Arranging a dinner with the lecturer.
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Поволоцкий Виталий - курс, тренинг, семинар - в Баку
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