Creating a doctor's website: personal branding + patient flow

Website development for doctors - establishing a doctor's personal brand in dentistry, cosmetology, and aesthetic medicine
Stomatoloji, kosmetologiya və estetik tibb sahəsində həkimlər üçün saytın hazırlanması - həkimin şəxsi brendini yaratmaq və pasientlərinin axını
Creating a doctor's website: personal branding + patient flow
We specialize in developing modern websites for dentists, cosmetologists, and experts in aesthetic medicine.

Examples of websites

Websites developed by our team
Doctor's website
Website for an aesthetic medicine clinic
Andrey Maslo - specialist in the field of Internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising
When creating a website, we employ non-standard solutions, modifications, and innovative ideas that allow patients to find value in your treatment and services, recommend you to friends and acquaintances for both standard and high-end treatment plans.

What the doctor will receive

Success metrics
You will receive a modern website that looks great on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
Modern website
Modern website
Website traffic
Over 600 visitors per month who can explore your services further after advertising setup.
Website traffic
New patients
Up to 100 new patients per month, referred by friends and advertising.
New patients
↑ 20%
Reactivation of patient base
10% to 20% of your long-inactive patients will rebook appointments.
Reactivation of patient base

Work stages

Within 2 months, you will have a high-quality patient acquisition tool.
1st Month
  • 10 Days - Website Planning
  • 10 Days - Content Preparation (Photos, Summaries, Service Descriptions)
  • 7-10 Days - Homepage Creation

In the first month, you can showcase the website to your patients.
2nd Month
  • 7 Days - Doctor's Page Creation (Presenting You as a Specialist)
  • 7 Days - Creating Sample Works
  • 14 Days - Building Individual Service Pages
  • 3 Days - Official Launch, Website Statistics Setup, and Social Media Integration


Website development cost
The average duration of website development work is 30-60 days.
from 2160

Website maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance of the website after development
Website maintenance
After completing the website, you can extend the contract and take advantage of our website maintenance services:

  • Website Updates
  • Registration and Promotion in Search Engines
  • Price Adjustments, Banners, Creation of Advertising Slides, and Promotions for the Website
  • Creation of Service Presentation Pages
  • SEO Enhancement and Updating of Existing Pages
  • Ongoing Behavior Analysis and Website Improvement
  • Creating Posts for Social Media
  • Participation in Our SMM and Marketing Training

Find out the cost
* The final website maintenance cost may vary depending on the scope of work ordered.
from 350

How we work

Creating websites for dentists, cosmetologists, and aesthetic medicine specialists in Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • Learn about your goals and expectations.
  • Understand the scope of work and timelines.
  • Discuss collaboration throughout the process.
Contract signing
  • Sign a contract detailing all stages of work and costs to ensure transparency and clarity.
Setting up reporting
  • We use the TRELLO CRM system to provide real-time visibility into completed tasks and project status.
Planning begins
  • Thoroughly plan the structure, style, and focus of the future website.
Website creation
  • Start building the website: navigation systems, homepage, service descriptions, doctor's presentation, price list, set up patient-clinic communication, perform SEO optimization for better search engine visibility, integrate social media, search, and more.

Calculate website cost

* The final website cost may vary from the estimated cost, and the final price can be determined only after consultation with you and assessing the scope of work.
Number of website language versions
Your field of work
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* Payment for the work on creating the site is carried out in equal installments (monthly).

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