Successful patient consultation in a dental clinic: methodology and practice

Course for doctors and clinic managers
Vitaliy Povolotskiy
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Povolotsky Vitaly - course, training, seminar
This course will help you properly structure the protocol for conducting an initial consultation, generate interest and trust in the patient towards the doctor, establish the patient's correct attitude towards the doctor and the treatment process, and also avoid the likelihood of conflict situations.
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About the course

How the course will be conducted and what you will learn
Many of us face difficulties in communicating with patients. It is not always possible to find common ground and achieve mutual understanding regarding the necessity of treatment. Patients, as a rule, do not realize the urgency of treatment, do not understand the pricing in clinics, and often think that medical professionals are intentionally trying to expand the treatment plan or simply deceive them. As a result, we often hear responses like "Expensive," "Need to think about it," or "Not a convenient time now." As a result, it all comes down to performing a single procedure.

However, we strive to convey the patients a complete clinical picture and offer comprehensive treatment.

All these and other questions can be discussed specifically with you, and through dialogue and situational games, we can find keys to practical tools that will help achieve better mutual understanding when communicating with patients, avoiding deception, and adhering solely to our professional principles.

Vitaliy Povolotskiy

Lecturer. Course author
Povolotsky Vitaly - course, training, seminar
(BA, MA) certified specialist in marketing and psychology. Graduate of Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Speaker and moderator at Dentsply Sirona, "Management and Marketing" section. Project manager for development and management in dentistry at "BariDent". Professional experience since 2005, conducting seminars, lectures, training sessions, and master classes. Author of articles and individual development programs in dentistry. Head of the "Functional Analysis Center for Dental Clinics".


Vitaliy Povolotskiy: course for doctors and clinic managers in Azerbaijan (Baku)
Protocol for conducting an initial patient consultation
  • Rules of communication with the patient during the first visit to the dental clinic.
  • Creating value for the patient in the consultation and further treatment.
  • Specifics of building a dialogue between the doctor and the patient.
Building patient interest and trust in the doctor
  • Doctor's image.
  • Psychology of communication with the patient.
Stereotypical (biased) perception of the dentist by the patient.
  • Initial consultation (patients' fears and anxieties)
  • Follow-up consultation (lack of understanding of regular visits)
  • Joint appointment (denial of a comprehensive approach)
  • Treatment plan presentation (perception of the treatment plan as imposition of services)
Key aspects of the workflow
  • Monitoring the implementation of the recommended patient treatment plan.
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts with the patient.
  • Proper organization of staff work to ensure patients return to the dental clinic (administrators, assistants, doctors).


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  • 2 coffee breaks and lunch. Access to the presentation and handout material.
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Vitaliy Povolotskiy: course for doctors and clinic managers in Azerbaijan (Baku)
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