Correct website for a dental clinic: patient attraction methodology

Course for doctors, clinic managers, and marketers
Andrey Maslo and Fakhri Mashadibekov
Date to be confirmed - course in Baku
Dental clinic website - course in Baku
Fakhri Mashadibekov - Expert in attracting new clients through the internet
Andrey Maslo - Specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising
In this course, we will discuss what a dental clinic website should be like, learn how to create content using neural networks, and discover the secrets of designing website pages to achieve top positions in Google search.
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About the course

How the course will be conducted and what you will learn
A dental clinic's website or a dentist's website is the main tool that primarily helps find a clinic through Google and other search engines, obtain maximum information about services, get an idea of the cost, schedule appointments, and share dental contacts with friends.

The website demonstrates a higher level of organization to patients and builds trust between the patient and the clinic and dentist. This tool can be compared to a clinic administrator who answers patients' questions, helps schedule appointments, and provides guidance in choosing dental services and a dentist. Can you imagine a serious clinic without an administrator?

In our course, we will uncover the value of a website and together we will cover:

  1. What a dental website should be like
  2. How to present information about services correctly to patients
  3. Who can and should manage the website and where to get information for the website
  4. Secrets of successful website promotion in top search engines
  5. Learning to use neural networks for time-saving
  6. How to attract new patients without advertising
  7. Discussing how to save on website development and maintenance

Course objective: Familiarize dentists and clinic managers with the principles of creating an effective website to attract more patients and enhance the clinic's reputation in the online environment, properly emphasize attention for patients, and learn to control website development.

Andriy Maslo

Lecturer. Course author
Andrey Maslo - Specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising
A specialist in internet technologies, standard and non-standard advertising. He has over 20 years of professional experience in website development, marketing, and advertising. Since 2013, he has been specializing in creating and promoting websites for dental clinics.

Fahri Mashadibekov

Lecturer. Course author
Fakhri Mashadibekov - Expert in attracting new clients through the internet
An expert in attracting new clients through the internet. Fakhri is involved in website development and promotion, as well as training doctors and clinic managers in effective methods of selling medical services in the online space. He develops well-founded strategies for selling high-value services.


Andrey Maslo and Fakhri Mashadibekov: course on creating a dental clinic website, promotion, and advertising in Azerbaijan (Baku)
What should a dental clinic website be like
  • Priority of design: functionality or aesthetics.
  • How and in what sequence to present services and information to patients.
  • How to provide clinic contacts and help patients share your contact information.
  • Identifying the main needs and expectations of patients.
Content and information for patients
  • Discussing the range of clinic services.
  • Order of presenting services and the sequence of information blocks.
  • Neural networks and how to use them effectively for website design.
  • Creating attractive and informative texts.
  • Learning how to properly control website development.
Secrets of promoting the clinic website to top search engines
  • How search engines perceive your website.
  • Secrets of placing information on website pages: hidden and visible focal points.
  • Learning how to create key phrases that patients will use to find the clinic.
  • SEO - how to save on advertising and achieve maximum results.
  • The importance of responsive design and mobile version of the website.
Attracting new patients without advertising
  • Unconventional advertising: discussing how to attract new patients through acquaintances and friends of your patients.
  • Examining examples of successful and unsuccessful campaigns.
  • Considering statistics: direct and delayed results, and intangible success.


Participation fee for the seminar per person
For more than one participant
  • The price includes:
  • 2 coffee breaks and lunch. Access to the presentation and handout material.
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Andrey Maslo and Fakhri Mashadibekov: a course on creating a website for dentistry, promotion and advertising in Azerbaijan (Baku)
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